The Bloomer Legacy: 9.74 If the Streets Could Tell Stories

Vito took his eyes of the camera for a moment and examined the city below him without the lens. He smiled to himself. What started off as a casual activity to allow him to bond with Aslan had now become the most serious project he’d ever worked on.

Walking through the streets of Newcrest, taking photos of the buildings in them and discovering his ancestors through the legacy they left behind… it was like discovering new pieces of himself that he had no idea existed.


But it wasn’t just the buildings that have been around for generations that could tell stories. No, the more Vito engrossed himself in Newcrest, the more he realised the story was still playing out, every day. The streets of Newcrest told stories about his ancestors, yes, but there was so much they could tell about the present.

Stories of shared joy…





And stories of sadness in solitude…




Stories of newfound friendships…



And stories of old friendships that perhaps needed a bit of dusting to become as good as new again.




But the one thing these stories had in common was that regardless of whether they had an audience or remained largely untold, they would continue evolving and moving forwards. As is the way with stories…



















Yes, so many stories that were happening in the very streets Vito lived in. He knew his camera had barely just scratched the surface. He couldn’t wait to share what he did manage to capture though. The most meaningful professional work he’d done, all to be revealed at the upcoming exhibition.

He felt a sense of pride. Not for being good-looking ad gifted, not for often having things work out his way. Not for being a Bloomer. Not for coming from generations of wealth who had many achievements. For his own achievements, which could now celebrate theirs. For being a part of it all.

It felt good.

13 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 9.74 If the Streets Could Tell Stories”

  1. Awwww, what a chapter! I love that you tied up a lot of loose ends and were able to do so very effectively! I’m happy Alexus is showing her true self. I’ll thank Aslan for that. 🙂

  2. This chapter made me happy, except for Lorcan. I’m glad that Hallie has worked out her friendship(I also see you have City Living!) Those were beautiful photos Vito took, and yay! A baby brother or sister for Hope! I’m glad that Alexus found the courage to show who she really is, and I’m glad that everyone was excited to have another alien in the orphanage. The picture of Hallie and Alexus hugging made my heart melt. Very well written chapter!

    1. I do have City Living, and might make a bit more use of it in the upcoming chapters – of course, it doesn’t fit into a Build Newcrest story all that well. This one was a mostly happy one for sure 🙂

    1. I can see why it would look that way, since it does sort of wrap up some of the storylines. When the real ending comes, you’ll know – I’ve known how I want the last chapter to go for about a year now! I think there’s exactly 10 more chapters to go 🙂

  3. I love this! I can’t wait to see his exhibit. This feels like the end of a story arc, which would normally be a lean in to the next generation, like Aslan becoming a teen. Oh, this is so hard!!!!

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