The Bloomer Legacy: 7.9 Almost

I dealt with the pain the only way I knew; painting. Though initially, not even that seemed to help.


The only good thing that came out of Paolo and Candy’s engagement was the place I discovered after I ran into the countryside to weep. I found a beautiful spot on the river, the only place that soothed me. I’d start spending more time there than anywhere else.


I took the small cottage there as a sign; and decided to start a community. Perhaps for once in my life I could do something useful and share my discovery of this delightful place with fellow painters. So I started a painting club, based at the very spot.


It was a place for likeminded individuals to devote themselves to their creativity. I must say it felt amazing to be the one behind this.


For a short while, I almost felt happy again. Almost.


I met many fellow artists through the club, and finally, I had something to discuss my painting with. In fact, painting was all most of them wanted to discuss. I almost missed the old days of no one sharing my interests.


Well, of course I missed the old days. And as hard as I tried to push the thought aside, as rewarding as setting up a painter community was, I couldn’t forget. If only I could erase my own memory.


In a desperate attempt to get my mind off of things, I attended a party at the Bluffs.

Naturally it was a stupid idea.


Several men tried to talk to me; I really wish I had gone for a blander disguise on that day when everything fell apart. But it was too late now.


I eventually managed to shake them off and had a moment of peace by the bonfire.


It didn’t seem like to long ago, when… Ah, stop it, just stop it. Why do I always do this to myself? Always trying to run away from my past, but never ceasing to think about it….


“Estrella? Hi,” I didn’t even need to turn around to know who that voice belonged to. “Not sure if you remember me, we me a while back, when you first moved to your house.”

“How could I forget you… you’re engaged to my friend, Candy,” I recovered.


“Candy always speaks really highly of you,” he smiled. “She’s lucky to have a friend like you.”

Lucky being a relative term. I looked across to the horizon, hoping for the whole situation to go away. If my alien family ever wanted to take me back to their planet, this would be a great time.


“You know, I have a lot of magical memories of this place,” Paolo broke off the silence again.

If only you knew… “Oh, really?” I said weakly.

“Yeah… Some of them are a little hazy – clearly I must have went a bit overboard on the juice during those parties, but I can remember the feeling. Like, complete happiness, and serenity. It was here where I decided to get a bit more serious and finally settle down. Though, again, the exact moment escapes me,” he laughed.


“Sorry, I must be boring you,” Paolo said. “Why don’t we go dance a little? I mean, we can’t act all grown up all the time, can we?”


So I dragged myself onto the dance floor, hating every move.


He looked so happy, so carefree. I couldn’t stand it.


I crept away, leaving the party behind.


What could possibly make me feel a bit better? The constant running didn’t seem to be doing the trick…

Well, if I was looking back, why not do it properly? I decided to invite my family for a visit.

9 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 7.9 Almost

  1. Grey says:

    Yes! Looking forward to seeing Yenn (I really hope she’s still alive, somehow!) and everyone else again. It feels like Astrid/Estella needs them!

  2. ninjapigsims says:

    I’m happy she’s surrounding herself with people that make her feel better. The painters, and now her family. Safe travels to the Bloomers on their way to Windenburg!

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